Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What happens at the whipples

Yesterday i went to the Whipples. It was crazy..... It was fun, nice to get out and do something i haven't really had a lot of time to do what i want this summer iv'e been busy finishing my summer school. I finished my science and geography and i had an AWESOME birthday party! Other then that i haven't done much. On Sunday i was talking to Rachel and she asked if i wanted to come over this week. YES i do! I have been waiting and waiting for someone to hang out with. Anyways.... Rachel's kids, Jacob, Claire and isaac are crazy! They are fun to be around and fun to talk to... although..... they think they know everything so sometimes it gets a little annoying... don't get me wrong they are very smart kids but sometimes they just talk because they think they are so smart and that you don't know what they are talking about.
We played Sorry, Monopoly and Monopoly deal.. Monopoly deal is really fun! it's really quick It's monopoly in a card game. I don't like monopoly but monopoly deal is really fun! I had never played it till yesterday. Jessica gave it to colman for his birthday a few years ago and we haven't played it.. Why we played monopoly and monopoly deal i have no clue..... our monopoly game got put on pause for dinner and we ate dinner then i said no we aren't finishing this game it's to long.  After dinner we painted! Isaac got so excited! It was so cute! I have never seen such an excited little 2yr old get so happy to paint. Well they had body paints..... pencils to draw on yourself....
This was Rachel's artwork on me..... waves... all the way up my arm.

Isn't she a good artist?

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