Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls Camp

Me and Kennedy we were really hyper

yeah....... really really hyper!
Every year i have to be forced out of bed to go to girls camp. I hate going i just hate it! I say i hate it and i want to go home.....but really everyone can tell i am having a great time.  Every year i'm really lucky i met a new friend every year. Last year it was Nicole This year it was Kennedy. I am really fast at making friends. This year i met Kennedy we were cabin buddies and we slept next to each other. She told really funny bedtime stories We just became really good friends. Friday night our last night at girls camp before testimony meeting we sat around the campfire and talked and laughed.. every once in a while i'd say "ugh! i wanna go home so bad!" Kennedy said... "Alexi stop being so negative about girls camp....or i won't tell a story tonight." Oh boy did that shut me up.... obviously she realized how much i love her stories. So i shut up... Well awhile later i said it again... "ugh i wanna go home!" Kennedy just gave me a nasty look... "oh ok ok sorry!" After we had fun and had our testimony meeting we went to bed. All i could think about was going home and the awesome story Kennedy was going to tell. We all were really hyper that night. after things kinda calmed down... i said "Kennedy tell me an awesome story please!" "Ok" After she finished telling the story she said wow that was a lame story.....sorry... "It's ok i enjoyed it" "oh good!"  So we laid down to go to sleep and  Kennedy looked at me and said "Alexi i think we are best friends" "aww Kennedy Yes we are!" That comment made me so happy! The next morning we woke up and i rolled over and looked at Kennedy and said "we're going home!"  She gave me  a nasty look and said... "yes we are" So we packed and left... i was so happy. I rode home in a car Kennedy rode in the bus... We hugged and left. We got to the stake center hugged again and went home to shower!

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