Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kobe Sushi

Today was crazy, we got up early and went riding, it was rainy and windy after not too long. Erin, Nic, Norah and the dogs came out to the field with us. When it got really cold we went to Erin's for a bit, then we got in the car, drove home got Colman and drove to Salt Lake. We saw the new sushi documentary, then went and had sushi. it was delicious, roll after roll. Colman ordered a Russian Roulette roll and there was one that was a 6.5 and the rest were 4 on the hot scale and i got the 6.5! Everyone was glad i got it, i kept saying how i wanted something really hot and i got it. i still think i could handle a 7 but we will see next time we go to eat there. it was a good day.