Sunday, March 14, 2010


Josh and Jess have moved in to their house. They are very happy to be home however Josh has to go back in 2 weeks. Dug is getting used a big change. Everyone misses him! He still visits and we all love that!! Dug is such a sweet dog. Quite frequently someone would say we aren't giving dug back he's ours.. If you want Dug back your going to have to fight for him.. We gave in Dug loves Josh and Jess so much! Dug has been a bit spoiled here now he is struggling to get used to things again. Yesterday we went to take Dug for a run he was so happy!! Josh said when he got home he was asleep on his bed all day long! He was tucked he had a great time! We miss Dug so much we can't help but kidnap him and take him for a run! So he doesn't like his food anymore.. oops.. we usually mix half and half. Half a cup of Jj's food and half a cup of Dug's. He hasn't been eating much the past few days.. Hopefully he will eat. Jj has been very sad as well whenever Dug comes to visit Jj is so happy they are best friends they go on runs together they play they have become great friends. Whenever Josh and Jess say "lets gp Dug" Jj gets so excited he thinks he get to go they go everywhere together. If Dug goes Jj gets to go. When Dug leaves Jj stands by the door with his head tilted thinking they have to come back they can't leave me.. It's been a hard change for all of us. We are very happy Josh and Jess are reunited with their sweet puppy! This is just some of the Dug adventure Dug has loved living here as have we enjoyed having Dug here! WE LOVE DUG!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fire It Up!!

New Kawasaki 700. Haven't been riding yet!!! We fire it up every once in awhile! Ask anyone around the wilcox household it makes me so happy to hear it revin' I have been begging to go to the sand dunes! I think I am Invincible ti cold when I want to go riding! My dad always says "it's to cold" I respond "I don't freakin' care lets go." I have almost cried begging to go riding! My dad is going to KILL me if he says NO ONE MORE TIME!!! end of story i want to go riding SO BAD!!!!