Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Racer Was Born.

This is a Flash Fiction i wrote for English......

            One day a racer was born, she just didn’t know until she was thirteen when she got her first ATV. The riding began a year later the jumping started, she thought she was pretty awesome. Well, awhile later her parents decided to sell her ATV.  A year later she got surprised with a new ATV and had been talking about racing.  Finally the racing begins.            The day she was surprised with the new ATV she couldn’t believe it. she woke up the next morning and ran outside to get a closer look. It was a lot bigger then she expected but all that mattered is that it went fast and it sure did.  An Orange comflage 700cc Kawasaki
            Indoor,  year-round race track. Engines roaring, people yelling, ready for the race to begin. The gate drops and the race is on. a long straight shot, coming up on the first jump they go flying through the air. Up in the air it seems like forever.  Through the whoops and around another corner leading to another jump. they land, and race around a small turn then go as fast as they possibly can down the long straight shot. One lap complete, two more to go. Finally they come up on the finish line one by one. Taking their helmets off they get off their ATV’s and wait for them to announce 1st 2nd and 3rd place. A loud booming voice comes over the intercom and says “now ladies and gentlemen we will announce the winners.” The crowd cheers. And first place goes to number 35.  Second place goes to number 12. Last but not least third place goes to number 5.  Congratulations to all our other racers and better luck next time.
            After all those years she finally got to race, and will continue racing for many years or until she gets hurt. That’s the story of a girl who was born to be a racer.