Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Parties

Yesterday we had a Brinkerhoff christmas party. Today we have a Wilcox christmas party. I am so excited for christmas! I'M GETTING A PROPANE FUELED MOTOR SCOOTER!!! I will get some pictures up of me riding my scooter. I had so much fun at the christmas party last night and i am so excited for the wilcox party tonight! I didnt like showing my video at the Binkerhoff party but it's all good i still had fun! I just relaxed and enjoyed cousins and family. Me and my cousin went to go see the lights in salt lake and then when we were done seeing the lights we were freezing! we went to a really yummy hot chocolate shop and got a brownie and hot chocolate it was delicious!! :D I had so much fun with my cousins and am looking forward to see more cousins on the other side of the family tonight!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Bestest Friend!

I have tons of Bestest friends but right now it's NICOLE If you don't know her that's kinda sad shes great! She is seriously my bestest friend! I saw her everyday this week! which was AMAZING!! I loved it! Every time we see each other we reach out for a hug! At Young Womens this week it was a stake activity I totally saw Nicole and I totally was right by her side the whole time i loved it! Well we don't usually see each other that much so this week was AWESOME!!! My best friend!! :)!
I love you Nicole!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 Weeks With Josh And Jess!

2 weeks has gone by already! Wow! The best two weeks of my life right there! well... besides having to go to school. we had a great time! I will never forget the day Josh and Jess walked in the door and saw Dug! Wow that moment was bitter sweet for us all! Dug was so happy to see Josh and Jess! he went crazy winning and whimpering of excitement for 10 minutes.
The Football game was a disappointment! BYU And TCU! Yes TCU won Blah... 50-7! Wow worst homecoming ever!! for BYU! We had a great homecoming day! We got hats, hoodies etc. Josh and Jess cooked a ton!!! Wow it was delicious!!! We had Jessica's family over for dinner one night and Josh and Jess made chili they both made their own chili! it was delicious. Jessica also made her famous cupcakes that night! Oh Oh yes that's not all! they also made sweet potato soup other night... and Kabobs another and and that's not even half of what they made! they clearly LOVE to cook! Josh even made a TURKEY! they made Empanadas and Enchiladas! Carmel popcorn twice, Banana Bread! Coconut Macroons dipped in chocolate! with the turkey we had 3 pies as well! burritos! Food Food and more food!! We carved pumpkins and roasted seeds! Hahahaha! we fought over the small seeds because the big ones were really hard and crunchy and not good. oh yes i was rolling on the floor wrestling for those seeds! we just had a great 2 weeks!! We went to Yozone (My Fav) loads and loads of fun packed into two weeks!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aya's crazy friend

This is a video of Aya's friend, she kinda got a little crazy and ended up getting hurt! :) I can promise you will watch this a billion rimes i did! hahahahahahaha! :)![fb]messages&page=1&tid=1050807368361

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Weekend At Erin's

My weekend at Erin's has been sad! I wish I was In San Diego! Erin has cooked for me and nic TWICE!! that's a lot for Erin. She is a good cook! one night she made spaghetti with meatballs (my fav!) And i'm thinking wow Erin good job i'm proud! SHE MADE BREAKFAST BURRITOS THE NEXT NIGHT!!! Wow they were delicious too! Last night we went to the Rocky Mountain Wing Shack and got wings YUMMM!!!! They were so good! All in all my weekend has been good, I just wish I was in San Diego! We've had a good time funny moments and sad moments but i'm hanging in there! :)!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I miss Aya so much! One of these days I am going to Mississippi to visit her! 2 years ago she moved to Mississippi. Wow 2 years Aya it's been that long? Before Aya moved me and a few friends Aya and Kelly went to the BYU Creamery with some Japanese masks that Aya has and we pranked a guy who works at the BYU Creamery! HaHa one of the best memories i have of Aya is that day! I remember that day like it was yesterday! Sadly it was 2 years ago! Aya some day will do that again! Aya is DA BOMB.COM LOGGED ON!! Aya i miss you! I love you!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok.. ok.. so my dad wanted me to post a story about me getting BUSTED!! Yes it's true i got busted. How?? well if you really know me you would know what i did to get busted. Yes i was riding my 4 wheeler on the road and i got caught! yes i know i know you are thinking how stupid! you may also think stupid parents for letting their child go and break the law! well ya know what! My parents are awesome!! for letting me go ride on the roads and take the risk of them getting in trouble! And yes they did and i did. Well i usually just ride in the streets in the winter. (for fun) cause it is slippery and not many cars are out. This summer i decided to take the risk to do something i love! and yes i will still ride on the streets in the winter! I'm a little law breaker.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kong Fun

Dug with both his and JJ's Kong JJ finished his Kong but Dug didn't think so!

Both the Kong's look at Dug's compared to JJ's
Dug's Kong
Dug enjoying his Kong
JJ enjoying his Kong
JJ's first peanut butter filled Kong!
Enjoying his Kong!

The other day we bought JJ a Kong so JJ and Dug could enjoy Kong's together. We gave them both a Kong and they loved it! (please note all these pictures were taken in the dark.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friends N fun!

Today i took the Lau's riding. We went to the track near my house and a parking lot. We had so much fun! I always ride my 4 wheeler in the winter on the roads but today i got bored so i went to the Lau's on my 4 wheeler and asked if they wanted to go riding. As always they said yes!! So we got enough helmets for everyone and went on our way. I had been telling them about the track so they wanted to go up to the track so we went They thought it was kind of scary so we went to the parking lot with one of David's friends. Samuel had never rode a 4 wheeler so we taught him quickly how to drive. He took a lap around the parking lot and loved it! Yes when i have my 4 wheeler out and neighbor kids see me and the Lau's driving back and forth from parking lot to track of course they want a ride. Oh and i forgot to mention Rachel, Lizzy, and Nathan. the three youngest of the Lau's they love the 4 wheeler too!! Whenever they see us on the 4 wheeler they want a ride. They ALWAYS fight about who gets to ride first. Once they all get a ride we can go back to what we were doing. It's easy to make them happy cause they don't care were we go they are just happy to get a ride. We usually take them around the block then go have some more fun! When we come back for a drink they all want a ride again. They are all so cute you can't say no. I always say ok yes you can go for another ride Kelly will take you. I come in and i'm so tired and Kelly loves to drive so it works out perfectly. Well today was so fun and i'm going t0 do it again tomorrow!! Today was the best day i have had in a long time Oh yes and today Adam and David got to drive! They can't usually drive but today their parent let them drive and they did a good job! as always we faught over who drove but today we had alot more people that wanted to drive. It's not the first time they had drove but the last time they drove their parents didn't feel like it was time so they didn't drive anymore that day. Today was a great day and tomorrow i will post some pictures!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Mud is my favorite!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dug and JJ

I absolutely love Dug! JJ doesn't know quite what to think. Dug tries to play but JJ just does not understand what Dug is doing. Dug is enjoying Utah he goes on lots of walks and plays a lot. Colman and I have always dreamed of a two dog household. We love having Dug here. Dug is a perfect dog for Colman and I. Dug has loved all the attenion he has gotten Moxie and Dug are great friends it is so fun to watch them play. JJ just can't figure out how to play with Moxie so he just watches Sup and Moxie play. Now that Dug is here JJ tries to get involved in the fun but he just can't do it. Evey once in awhile Dug and JJ will wrestle or chase eachother so it looks to me like JJ and Dug are going to be great friends. JJ just needs to get used to having another dog around.


I found a track by my house last Friday. I went riding 2 times that day. The next day i wanted to go again! I got up at 6 A.M. and went riding. I went riding 6 times that day! Yes 6 times! some people think I'm crazy but i really enjoy it. Okay if you think I'm crazy that's okay. 2 years ago my parents decided for my birthday they could get me a 4 wheeler. Ever since then i have been hooked! Now you might be thinking how and why did i get into 4 wheelers. A good friend of mine Justin has a dirt bike. When i was younger i would see him and other people riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. In 2007 Justin started telling my dad he should get me a 4 wheeler. I also would talk about it alot so 2007 a few weeks before my birthday they decided they should get me a 4 wheeler! To this day i always am up for going riding. I try to go every weekend hopefully next year i will get a new 4 wheeler and race!!