Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dug and JJ

I absolutely love Dug! JJ doesn't know quite what to think. Dug tries to play but JJ just does not understand what Dug is doing. Dug is enjoying Utah he goes on lots of walks and plays a lot. Colman and I have always dreamed of a two dog household. We love having Dug here. Dug is a perfect dog for Colman and I. Dug has loved all the attenion he has gotten Moxie and Dug are great friends it is so fun to watch them play. JJ just can't figure out how to play with Moxie so he just watches Sup and Moxie play. Now that Dug is here JJ tries to get involved in the fun but he just can't do it. Evey once in awhile Dug and JJ will wrestle or chase eachother so it looks to me like JJ and Dug are going to be great friends. JJ just needs to get used to having another dog around.


  1. Alexi, this is Josh, you are the best little sister. Thanks for taking care of Duggie for us; we miss his little antics. Tell him we said hi and we are glad you got your two dog household.

  2. Josh i will keep you posted on everything!