Sunday, July 19, 2009


I found a track by my house last Friday. I went riding 2 times that day. The next day i wanted to go again! I got up at 6 A.M. and went riding. I went riding 6 times that day! Yes 6 times! some people think I'm crazy but i really enjoy it. Okay if you think I'm crazy that's okay. 2 years ago my parents decided for my birthday they could get me a 4 wheeler. Ever since then i have been hooked! Now you might be thinking how and why did i get into 4 wheelers. A good friend of mine Justin has a dirt bike. When i was younger i would see him and other people riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. In 2007 Justin started telling my dad he should get me a 4 wheeler. I also would talk about it alot so 2007 a few weeks before my birthday they decided they should get me a 4 wheeler! To this day i always am up for going riding. I try to go every weekend hopefully next year i will get a new 4 wheeler and race!!

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