Monday, July 27, 2009

Kong Fun

Dug with both his and JJ's Kong JJ finished his Kong but Dug didn't think so!

Both the Kong's look at Dug's compared to JJ's
Dug's Kong
Dug enjoying his Kong
JJ enjoying his Kong
JJ's first peanut butter filled Kong!
Enjoying his Kong!

The other day we bought JJ a Kong so JJ and Dug could enjoy Kong's together. We gave them both a Kong and they loved it! (please note all these pictures were taken in the dark.)


  1. They look like fun for the dogs. I'll have to look around and get a couple for Sadie and Boomer.

  2. Yeah Josh's dog Dug loves them he puts peanut butter in them. it's a treat they get every once in a while