Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and stuff...

So i think it was the 11th or something we had the Brinkerhoff Christmas party. (my mom's family) It was really fun i saw my cousins and aunt from Idaho. We get along really well and almost every time they come we always look at each other and say "sleepover? yeah!!" then we run to ask if we can. well it didn't happen this time oh well. Oh yeah and the GIANT CANDY CANE yes i brought it!!!! Everyone was so amazed and my cousin asked me if it was a real candy cane...he wasn't there when we bought it. So my cousin and i just laughed and said "YES of course" well yeah i got pictures of me and my cousin together with the GIANT CANDY CANE!!!! Did i mention the pictures were taken just hours before the GIANT CANDY CANE broke......?? well it's true it broke....  let's just say Colman had ti do with this TRAGIC accident Yes it was TRAGIC! I was SO sad!!! Later that night i told Kindra that we were going to get another one cuz she was so sad it broke too even tho she wasn't there when we bought it.....i haven't told Jaicee that it broke....

A week later was the Wilcox family Christmas party. Also that weekend we went to Salt Lake my dad had been working late in Salt Lake every night late so on Saturday night we decided to go up to SLC  and stay in a hotel so he didnt have to come home really late then go back really early the next day. He had been filming the Christmas concert and Sunday morning was Music And The Spoken Word. Saturday night we met Erin and Nic at Thanksgiving Point they wanted to take Norah to see the deer and they invited us. After that we made our way up  to SLC. We got there about 8:00 and checked in the hotel and went and looked at the lights around Temple Square, then we went back to the hotel and my dad came about a half hour later. We watched a movie and got snacks and had a little party there in our hotel room. About 11 we all went to bed i think i didn't sleep till 12 and woke up almost every hour.... yeah i didn't sleep well.. I woke up the next morning at like 8:00 We were going to go to the Music And Spoken Word but we didn't know we had to get tickets (this year was the first year you had to have tickets) so we stayed in the comfy hotel room and watched it. Then i took a nap....an awful one might i add... i was so tired though! My dad finished working and we met him at Little America, if you don't know what that is it's a really fancy hotel (my brother used to work there a long time ago) and they have a Buffet every Sunday morning that anyone can go to. it's a great buffet! Really expensive though. After the amazing brunch we had it was 3 hours before the party was supposed to start, we decided just to go to my aunt's house when we got there they were still at church so we waited and soon they got home. Anyways the party was fun. My aunt made my favorite bean salad for me. I talked to my brother in law and my cousin wasn't there and she told me she could come but it ended up she couldn't. I really missed her! But, i still had a great time with all my other cousins and  my uncles are the best! so it was fun! I know this is a long post so i will wrap it up, i just haven''t blogged for awhile lots has been going on so i wanted to write about it.
For Christmas, i got: A PHONE!!!! FINALLY YAY!! Clothes, headphones, shoes, money and candy. It was great!!! Here are a few pics iv'e taken on my phone

Nic took this Christmas morning First pic taken on my phone

JJ is a Christmas dog

Jj got a bed, i was really scared he wouldn't like it because he is used to sleeping with me...but i got tired of it. I think he actually likes it!

Christmas night he was so tuckered, he had been playing with moxie and sup all day

Here's the broken candy cane some of the pieces

There's whats left of it that didn't break...more then half broke into pieces.... :(