Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is Josh's birthday!
30 years old! ... I have a 30 year  old brother..... wow i'm young..
Anyone who doesn't know my older brother josh... i'm sorry that's too bad he is the best brother in the world! He has always been my best friend! We play Rock Band together we go on AWESOME family trips together! We have water fights.... We watch the office together, we laugh together, We both love dogs, I always love visiting josh in Virginia, we take Dug on late night walks and talk and laugh, one of the first times i went to Virginia we took Dug for a late night walk and i remember the next night begging josh if we could take Dug for  a walk.

Some things i love about Josh are:
1. He's always kind
2. He has a good sense of humor
3. He's always happy
4. He's fun to be with
5. He gives the BEST HUGS!
6. We like a lot of the same things
7. He is an AMAZING cook!!
8. He's funny
9. He loves his family
Silly Faces Hahaha

Football Game

Football Game

Football Game

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go-Ped Crash

 This was the scooter after i crashed
This is what i landed on
A few days ago we got the motor scooter back it has been in the shop getting fixed. It seems that it never is working right. I have been riding it for the past few days and have been having a blast! Well yesterday that all changed... yesterday was a rainy and snowy day and i was upset because i really wanted to ride my motor scooter. Towards the end of the day it cleared up i got really excited. I went out and started the scooter up it started right up. This i thought was a good sign. so right as i get out it starts raining again.. I hurried and went on a quick ride around the block and came back. As i stopped i realized something was up i wasn't able to come to a stop, the idol was up really high and when i pushed on the break i didn't stop. I was kinda confused.. still in control i gave it a little bit of gas.. that right there was my mistake. I lost control of the scooter and couldn't get a hold of the break. The scooter was moving fast enough that i got flung off the scooter... Next thing i know i was on the ground and had landed on my side on the motor. The scooter fell sideways still running and i got up as fast as i could and turned it off. No one was home when it happened which i'm kinda glad because that would have been a little embarrassing. Anyways i'm fine now still really sore my ribs hurt really bad. i figure i will be sore for a few days, but i'm looking forward to get back on the scooter and have a great time! I would get back on the scooter today but i think i should give my body a few days to heal before i get going again. I am actually feeling like i want to get back on that scooter and go regardless of how sore i am. I asked my dad to readjust the idol so as soon as he is done i might go for a ride.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

muddy Ride!

A Bunch of pictures from my last ride! I had a great time!

Chillin' after a good mud ride
More after shoots
After i found the mud puddle

This is when i almost flipped.. Donut into peel out

Peel out!
After the ride

Don't mess with me!
this should be in a magazine
On the way back

Peelin' out!

Smokin' Engine


Going for the mud puddle
Doesn't that look like a quad magizine picture.. what can i say..
I Love MUD!

Huge mud puddle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 Friends

Yesterday i didn't have school so i went to hang out with two of my best friends Maren and Stephanie! We are always trying to hang out. we have tried to hang out three times in the last two weeks. Finally yesterday we got to hang out. Stephanie had school and Maren had work. I talked to Maren all morning talking about what we were going to do when i got there. I was really excited and kept asking Maren "Maren am i really coming to your house today!" She kept saying "yes you are!" :) So i was really excited and hyper all morning i just couldn't sit still. Stephanie's dad picked me up after he picked Stephanie up from school. We went to Stephanie's when we got to Stephanie's we went to Maren's for awhile. Stephanie was telling me on the way to her house how Maren gets nervous when people come over because she never knows what to do. Maren was really nervous.. so she just kept talking and talking and talking me and Steph just looked at each other and smiled. We played Karaoke Revolution Maren really really really likes it!!! Then we tried to play Guitar Hero But the guitar was broken... so i battled Stephanie in two games of air hokey... of course i won both haha! Stephanie was a good sport about it! Not to brag or anything haha i was just sure i was gonna win! Then we went to Stephanie's because Maren could only hang out till 5:30. when we got to Stephanie's we played wii bowling. We played 5 games i won 4 and Stephanie won 1 again i dominate. Stephanie is such a good sport she is so fun to play games with! Every time i got a strike Stephanie said "oh.. that is tragic.." and i'd say "oh what was that Steph?!" She'd respond saying "your 3rd strike this game" I'd respond saying "what can i say i'm Alexi" After a while she started saying "well you are Alexi" After all Stephanie does know how to annoy me.. I hated it when she would throw the ball really slow... for some reason she does that.. Then she noticed it starting to bug me so she did it on purpose... "Stephanie what are you trying to do to me? Kill me" She'd just look at me like mawhahaha what now! Then again i kept getting strikes and she kept saying "oh so tragic.." she realized she was saying "tragic" a lot. she kept on saying it "tragic... tragic... tragic... oh wow i'm saying tragic a lot that is so not tragic... haha i didn't say it was tragic.." Clever little Stephanie! (oh i forgot the term "little" doesn't apply to you sorry Steph haha) Last time i went to Stephanie's i hid in the closet when i heard my dad knock on the door... So awhile into our bowling games i said "um stephanie where can i hide when mu mom comes?" She said "uhh i don't know" so when we heard a knock on the door we both dropped down kneeling on the floor and i hid behind Stephanie... she looked who it was when her dad opened the door and she said "oh it's our home teacher" I guess he came to ask her dad a question. We got up off the floor and kept playing. The next knock on the door came about 10-15 minutes later... this time Stephanie answered the door it was Maren saying "Alexi forgot to tell her mom we wouldn't be at my house the whole time" i hid behind the table after i heard it was Maren i got up and slowly walked door thinking oh it's just Maren. I had heard what she said but i didn't see my mom. While standing by the door i hid behind Stephanie. Maren said "your mom is here" "oh... dang!" I hesitated and walked outside. I kinda stalled and kept talking haha i really didn't want to leave... "Okay Bye we'll hang more in the summer for sure" and i left..... oh it's tragic... haha... good times good times! :) <3

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atv Riding!

This is a Multimedia Piece i made for my Documentary Arts Class.