Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go-Ped Crash

 This was the scooter after i crashed
This is what i landed on
A few days ago we got the motor scooter back it has been in the shop getting fixed. It seems that it never is working right. I have been riding it for the past few days and have been having a blast! Well yesterday that all changed... yesterday was a rainy and snowy day and i was upset because i really wanted to ride my motor scooter. Towards the end of the day it cleared up i got really excited. I went out and started the scooter up it started right up. This i thought was a good sign. so right as i get out it starts raining again.. I hurried and went on a quick ride around the block and came back. As i stopped i realized something was up i wasn't able to come to a stop, the idol was up really high and when i pushed on the break i didn't stop. I was kinda confused.. still in control i gave it a little bit of gas.. that right there was my mistake. I lost control of the scooter and couldn't get a hold of the break. The scooter was moving fast enough that i got flung off the scooter... Next thing i know i was on the ground and had landed on my side on the motor. The scooter fell sideways still running and i got up as fast as i could and turned it off. No one was home when it happened which i'm kinda glad because that would have been a little embarrassing. Anyways i'm fine now still really sore my ribs hurt really bad. i figure i will be sore for a few days, but i'm looking forward to get back on the scooter and have a great time! I would get back on the scooter today but i think i should give my body a few days to heal before i get going again. I am actually feeling like i want to get back on that scooter and go regardless of how sore i am. I asked my dad to readjust the idol so as soon as he is done i might go for a ride.

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