Friday, August 20, 2010

MISSING!!! Josh... Jess... Dug...

Josh and Jess


WARNING: If you happen to see Josh, Jess, or Dug, tell them to come home.
  • They disappeared this morning at 8:00am
  • They drive a black Jeep patriot, pulling a UHAUL trailer
  • They have a black lab beagle mix dog named Dug (our dog) 
  • Jessica:
    • Blonde hair 
    • Green eyes 
    • '5 8" 
    • a darling neckline bob 
  • Josh:
    • Red hair 
    • Brown eyes 
    • '6.4" 
    • a big smile
  • Dug:
    • Black lab beagle mix
    • white paws 
    • white chest 
    • going a little grey on his chin
    • does tricks for cheese 
    • known as fatso
NOTE: We miss them if you happen to see them call: 801-375-2469


  1. ALEXI! This post made us laugh even after we saw the disgusting bathtub in our hotel room. Thanks for brightening up what has been a pretty crappy day. I will say though, Dug is mine! LOVES!!!!

  2. Alexi, you are so stinking cute! I'm sure they miss you, but Dug the most, right?

  3. They took dug with them so now we miss dug