Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Camera!

Blue Sony Cybershot it was rated one of the best lightweight digital cameras

My camera was washed in the washer.... it broke..... it was a sad day.... I have been talking about wanting a new camera. Well my birthday went by i didn't get one. For my birthday i got $40. I had been saving up to buy a new camera i had saved $104 plus the $40 i had $144. I was looking at cameras online a few nights ago and found out the camera i really wanted wasn't a very good one. So my dad looked at a few different cameras and we found one i liked. $150 dang-it $6 short.... plus tax it was $165. My mom paid some, and i came home with a new camera yesterday! We are going camping next week i wanted to get it before we went camping so i could take pictures of our camping trip. My mom said that probably wouldn't happen.. but it did! It's a blue Sony Cybershot.

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