Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jet Ski.....flipped

Well this is kinda late but..... on Saturday it was my awesome birthday party and Jairen took me out on the Jet ski. It was really choppy when we went out.. I kept questioning Jairen and debating weather i trusted him taking me on the jet ski. I saw him drive he went crazy so i was a little hesitant to get on the jet ski with him. He assured me he wouldn't drive really crazy. So off we went. He told me to hold on because it was really choppy and he wanted to make sure i had a good time so he told me to tell him to slow down if he was going to fast or to go faster if i wanted to. Anyways we were going and were trying to find a way to go to get out of the choppiness of the waves.... impossible.... We slowed down to examine the waves.... we decided just to go and we started to turn and a wave came right as we turned and flipped us off the jet ski.. We had on;y been rifing for 10 minutes. I will never forget that day Jairen felt so bad poor kid..... All the way up to the lake i was saying how i really really wanted to flip a jet ski. I was kinda happy when we did but poor Jairen felt so bad! I kept telling him it was totally fine he kept saying i'm so sorry i really really feel bad and i told him not to feel bad over and over again but he just felt so bad! so i told him how i was talking about wanting to flip a jet ski all the way to the lake. It took us forever to get the jet ski flipped right-side up again. After 10 minutes of trying we saw a boat and they asked if we needed help we were so glad they saw us because we couldn't have done it alone. We struggled trying to flip it right-side up for another 5 minutes while they circled us giving us advice. We couldn't do it our self so two boys jumped out of the boat to to help us. Now the 4 us struggle for another 5 or 10 minutes we can't get it flipped right-side up. we didn't get it flipped over soon enough it got flooded. We hooked the jet ski up to the boat of the  people who were helping us and we got towed back.  We got back and found my dad and we told him what happened it wouldn't start because it was so flooded so we had to load it on the trailer and be done. We got it loaded on the trailer and water started pouring out it was definitely flooded. We drove back to our pavilion and it was still draining 10 minutes later. As we were loading the jet ski on the trailer it started raining so as soon as we got back to our pavilion we finished loading up the rest of our stuff and left. it was a great day. I still feel bad for Jairen poor kid felt so bad! i enjoyed it i thought it was fun! 

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  1. No way! What a crazy experience. I'm so glad somebody stopped to help you, too. It's crazy out there!