Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference weekend Aya and Alexi

So this weekend was General conference. I woke up early Saturday morning not really because of conference just for the heck of it. I moped around the house being lazy then i decided to shower at 9:30 so i showered and thinking i was getting out of conference i wasn't.... i got done showering and texted Aya and she said i should "get watching!" so i did. We were texting talking about conference and every few speakers she'd ask "who is this? i didn't see the name." So i'd tell her who it was and she'd say "THANKS i needed to know i love this talk!" My response "no problem!" I wass on top of it! Awhile later i didn't see the name so i asked "wait who is this?" then for awhile she told me the names of every speaker... i didn't like that i said "aya! no! let me tell you i feel so cool when you ask me who is speaking" "oh sorry :)" so i felt better. Then i said "fine let's make it into a game!!" to see who can text the name of the speaker first so we did. This was at the end of the second session yesterday that we started it. Only two talks left in the session and guess WHO got the 2 points ME!!!!!! I texted her at 7:30 and she said "lets play the game tomorrow!" OK!" so i posted on my status "Aya ur going down!!!!!" and she commented on it telling me ohh no i'm so gonna win! and all this crazy stuff.... and like me i said "oh psh! you ain't gonna win! ur going down!" so she said how bout whoever wakes up first tomorrow gets 2 points!!!! ok..... so i told her she's gonna lose! cuz i woke up at 6 that morning! She was like... "oh crap! i woke up at 10!" haha so i was sure i was gonna win. So Aya didn't have any points so i said ok here i love you have a point she was really happy! So we went to sleep....guess what time i woke up....3..... yeah... i'm not sure why so i went back to bed at 4 then woke up at 6 and texted her....... "oh Aya guess who's awake before you!!" (she had the advantage cuz it's an hour later in Mississippi she still wasn't awake tho. It was 8 there when she texted me back "DANG YOU BEAT ME!!!" hahahahaha yessss i did!!!! She went on about how mad she was..that she lost but at the same she was so happy i won!   Now i love her because she is awesome and is happy when i beat her at things just because she loves when i'm happy it makes her happy. Same with me when she is happy it makes me happy. So the game begun!!!!!!!!! 15min before it started she sent me a text every few minutes as a countdown before it BEGUN!!!!  It started and i was kicking her butt! I had 2 points from the day before so at the end of the first session this morning it was 10-5 i was 10 she was 5. The next session started i was on a roll but oh boy did she ruin my streak! (oh yeah we both got 2 points when the prophet spoke.. that's the only reason Aya got to 5) She got the first 2 speakers cuz they were announced... and i was still ahead but she was 3 points behind. It went on and towards the end we got in a fight deciding who got the point...... i gave it to her at that point it was 12-9 still 3 behind so i gave it to her but we argued for a good 5min "I GOT IT!!!!!!!!" NO !!!!!!!!! I DID!!!!!!!" NO!!!!!!" I GOT IT!!!!! Finally she said "haha Alexi your kist so competitive!!!!!!!!!!" haha i am! At the end it was 12 1/2 to 10 and then the prophet spoke so we got 2 more points each... then it was over i said "add 1 point to our scores cuz we are awesome!!!" THE FINAL SCORE WAS: 15 1/2 to 13  (we did half points but i gave Aya 2 half points so she didn't end up with a half number just a solid 13) "GOOOOOOOOD JOB!!!!!!!! goooood! try Aya!!" We decided we were gooood conference listeners hahaha that's the end!!!!! of our AWESOME conference weekend game! It was intense!!!! AND AYA IS AWESOME!!!!!! <3 <3

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