Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well.. it's for Aya...

Well.... "Now you're gone i realize my love for you was strong" Is this the way it's meant to be? Only dreamin' you're missing me...." There's an empty place in my heart... it won't alarm me it'll only break apart it won't heal, it never fades away I'll be thinkin' 'bout  you every day".  :)
I am always thinking about you i miss you more then i can put into words..... I listened to "I miss you" the other day it made me cry...

Aya is a great friend, when she told me she was moving it broke my heart. I don't know how it happened but we just became goooood friends really fast! Near the last day of my 7th grade year she told me she was moving to Mississippi....... i was shocked... so now 3 years later she's in Mississippi.... hates it there and wants to be here with me. I wish she was here too. We get in fights sometimes but we are still great friends! :) Even though we just text and don't talk on the phone much or see each other we still create great memories through text!
One of my most favorite things most recently that we were talking about was conference weekend we had a great conversation and even made up a game. Another thing that will always be one of my favorite things, opne night awhile we were texting and i said "i'm going to read the scriptures and then go to bed" then she said "Oh! i need to do that too! If you find a scripture you really like send it to me!" so i found one and i sent it to Aya... and then she sent me a scripture and we did that for about an hour. Now we do our own little scripture study every night. :) We haven't done it in awhile actually.... We have a bunch of silly little things we do thru text but it really creates great memories! 
Here are two songs i've been listening to "Now you're gone" and "I miss you" Aya sent me "I miss you" awhile ago both of us agree that "I want to tell you straight from my heart i miss you....." is the best line in the song. "Now you're gone" is a song i heard along time ago and didn't know what it was called and i searched Bass hunter songs and found it! 
"Now you're gone"
This is a song for a girl to a boy/boy to a girl. but now it's from Aya to me :) cuz we are best friends!
"I missyou..."

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