Friday, October 8, 2010

Camille oh Camille GUESS WHAT!!!! IT'S YOU'RE BIRTHDAY!!

I haven't known Camille very long but let me tell you a story.
I love Camille she is such a good friend!
The day i met Camille, December 20th.... 2009...or so.... which ever day was Colman's 16th birthday party. Well ok the date doesn't matter really..... the important part was that was the day i met Camille! :) I had met Maren and Stephanie a few months before i met Camille. Maren and i always chat on G-mail and one day completely random outta no where she says, "Camille says hi!" I responded kinda mean.... I said "who the heck is Camile?" (Sorry Camille) Maren said.... "Camille is my sister..." Oh.... well hi Camille!" haha i felt kinda awkward.... "sorry" Maren said "oh it's ok" and i awkwardly changed the subject. Well the day of Colman's party came and Maren, Stephanie and CAMILLE came! As always i was shy.... Maren always tells me i'm shy.... (i know i am) but i try to deny it..... Well Colman invited a bunch of boys to play video games.... and.... Maren, Stephanie, and Camille. I begged Colman to be "included" in his party so i could talk to Maren and Stephanie and Camille of course but at the time i asked to be involved i didn't know Camille was coming. So he said "fine! just don't ruin it!" (First of all i only make things better!) My response was "Ok i won't! I just want to talk to Maren and Stephanie!" It worked out great i talked to Maren, Stephanie and Camille while the boys played video games. (Well i didn't really talk.....i listened to Camille, Maren and Stephanie talk) Wow my life is complete! Listening to those three talk is THE FUNNIEST THING EVERR!!! I'm pretty sure they all thought i was crazy i laughed at everything! Camille+Stephanie+Maren=FUNNY!!!!!!! Camille and i kinda made fun of Stephanie.... that was hilarious! Anyways the night went on it got funnier and FUNNIER! :) Then i went with my mom to take them home (just for the entertainment) I got home that night and requested Camille on Facebook. and she accepted the next day! :) We just stated chatting a lot as if we were best friends! I'd say we've become pretty good friends throughout the past year! :) ANYWAYS! THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS CAMILLE IS AWESOME!!!!! :) It's been not quite a year sense we met but it's been a good almost year knowing you Camille! You're a great friend! We both have good friend making skills because we became friends fast! I love you!!!
That's my story about Camille and how we met.
Some of my favorite things about Camille are:
1. She is pretty
2. She is so KIND!
3 She is FUNNY!
4. She is a great friend
5. She's good/fast at making friend (people like that are the BEST! Myself included)
6. She has a great laugh
7. She has a great sense of humor
8. she likes Led Zepplin...haha (I think there was a week and that was all we talked about)
Well that's all :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY~Camille!!!!!! I hope you have the best day EVERR!!! I love you!!! <3
:) You're the best!!!
(Look how pretty she is)