Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In loving memory......

My grandpa passed away on Sunday... A year and half ago he broke his hip and was almost better and then fell again... and broke it again..... 2 surgeries and a year and a half later.... He is in a better place i know that FOR SURE! He isn't suffering anymore. Iv'e taken it pretty hard... but i know he will always be with me and will always watch over me. Someday i will see him again.

My grandpa was my favorite he always took me and my cousins to get ice cream whenever my grandma would say no we'd both say "ask grandpa!" so we'd run and ask him! His answer was always "Yeah that sounds like a good idea" and he'd tell my grandma and we'd get in the car and go get ice cream. There are two younger cousins below me on my moms side we always got what we want just needed to ask grandpa.

Every time he would come to our house he would give me and Colman a dollar.
He always took us to the creamery to get treats after school.
He had things he'd say.. i'm sure everyone's family has things they say.
I never really got why he said this... but he'd always say "when i was a little girl" or... "when i was the little girl and you were the grandpa do you remember that?" I'd just kinda hesitate and he'd ask again and i respond.... oh! yeah! then it started getting old as i got older then i just say uhuh ya i do..
and a lot of other crazy things that i don't remember he'd just say things to make  us laugh. Like... this one didn't ever make us laugh but he said it a lot/ "when you're bones all rattle and you can't hurt the cattle... what do you do? marry me an Indian skaw and live off her ma and pa"

People keep asking me how old i was in this.... i think i was 6.... or 7...

I love my grandpa!
I love my grandpa!!!! i'll miss him! He always loved all of his grand kids.

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Alexi. I'm sure you were one of his favorite grandchildren. It's hard to lose a grandparent. That's why I talk to Granny every week. I never got to know my own grandparents.

    It's okay to cry. And you're right--he'll be watching over you!