Saturday, September 11, 2010


I started school 2 weeks ago... i don't really like it.... but it's ok better then Timpview. Amy left a week ago.... (a friend from girls camp) aka (Trent's sister) aka (a leader at girls camp) anyways she left a week ago. It's been a sad week i miss her! We didn't really talk very much at girls camp... in fact we said a total of 7 words to each other. We've become great friends though! We call it the: 20,16,AA,(Amy Andrus),AW (Alexi Wilcox...) That's like our moto.  We are gonna have t-shirts made that say something like that. We talk like gangsters...... if you'd call it that... when we are texting...... like...... yo wazzup! dats legit. u better watch out. Oh what!? yeahhhhh. oh what? yah dats right! anyways that's us we are awesome! Amy is in Idaho going to school at BYU Idaho. I keep telling her to transfer and she wants to but she hasn't yet... hopefully soon!

We went boating last weekend that was fun! it was really choppy and i wanted to go on the tube so bad! I did..... going really slow but i hated it and freaked out the waves were really big. We are going boating today. It should be fun! I invited Stephanie... Hopefully she can come!
That's what has been going on lately. i'm so tired of school i want summer back.... no summer school this time!

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