Friday, September 17, 2010

Boating... and more boating!

Goin' outta the wake! we freaked out every time!



outta the wake!

goin' outta the wake

i like the sun on the water in this one

We screamed and laughed the whole time!


I love tubing!




We went boating last weekend. My friend David came along. He had never been tubing so he was so excited to go and kept asking me about it. I think he had a good time! David is a really funny kid! younger then me but one of my best friends!

We also went boating this weekend! I love boating! No friends came this time it was just my dad and i. My mom was home babysitting Norah.
I had so much fun! my dad goes FAST! It kinda scared me at first then when he said we were heading back i was sad. i rode all the way back on the tube. when i got in the boat the sun had gone down and the sky was so pretty. I wish i took a picture! But sunset also means mosquitoes...... and LOTS OF THEM! i got HUGE BITES...on my arms, legs and face! Then to finish off the night we went to Del Taco!

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