Sunday, April 4, 2010


Two weeks ago i transferred to Walden. I have gone to school for two weeks in a row and i have really enjoyed it! (I haven't gone to school for two weeks in a row for a very long time.) Last weekend i went riding for the first time on the new Kawasaki Klx 700. I loved it!! This weekend was not the best weekend. I had the stomach flu. I am feeling better after 2 days of being sick. This week is spring break!! i'm so excited! This is the only time i will ever write about school. i've made some great friends at Walden. I'm enjoying school more then i have in a long time! This week i'm going to go riding hang out with friends and go to Ikea with jessica! I'm really enjoying school i know colman isn't a huge fan of me going to walden but at least i'm happy and enjoying it!!

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  1. Hey, little lady, I'm so glad you enjoy school! I've always enjoyed school myself!

    Enjoy spring break. Bummer that there's so much snow!