Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break (A Week With Jessica)

This week was spring break for me! I had so much fun!! I had planned to hang out with Stephanie But that changed quick! She couldn't get a ride to our house so we couldn't hang out. Oh well i had a great week! On Monday i went to Ikea with Jessica and Caitlin. Ikea is always fun! Jessica bought a desk to go in her new house. She put it together by herself she was so proud and it loks great! On Tuesday i didn't do much that was the boring day. I was on my Ipod all day talking to friends and txting. On Wednesday i went to Jessica's house to make Oreo cheesecake cupcakes. Jess came over around 1 and we went to Sonic and got corn dogs and Jalapeno poppers. (Jessica is obsessed with Sonic) She just can't help it. If she sees a Sonic she HAS TO STOP! (Wednesday is 49 cent corn dog day) After we went to Sonic we went to Jessica's to make Oreo cheesecake cupcakes. We made the cupcakes and while they were setting we played wii bowling. We seriously played 4 rounds of bowling! Jessica wasn't having the best of luck so she insisted we play until she got a score of at least 150. 4 rounds later she got a score of 165 (or something along those lines) Later that night Jessica babysat Jacob Claire and Isaac. I stayed and helped out. We had fun we watched tv and went to dinner at Smash Burger. I suggested Smash Burger and everyone loved it!! Jacob could not stop talking about how much he liked it! It was so funny! We came home and Jacob and Claire wanted to play the wii. So Jacob Claire and I played another 3 rounds of bowling. Then we played Sorry Jacob ALWAYS wins he is so good at games! I won this time i was so happy! Out of the 30 (or s0) games we've played iv'e won 2! After i won Sorry we watched tv. We played MORE wii after that! Then Jess said no more cuz it was getting late. We all calmed down and watched tv. I was so sore from all that wii i played that day. I had a sleepover On Thursday Jess couldn't get me out of bed till noon i was so tired!! And sore!! We took Dug for a walk we walked to Rachel's. Jess decided after the walk to take me home. Jess wanted to go to the mall she invited my mom and I. After the mall we went to Jamba Juice! I was SO TIRED that night!!! Friday we went riding. We started the 4 wheeler before we left just to make sure it would start. We drove forever finally we got to where we wanted to ride. The 4 wheeler wouldn't start!!!! My dad and i both got really mad! I didn't get to ride i was SO MAD!!! Colman rode for awhile then we went looking for somewhere to buy a spark plug. We thought we blew a spark plug. We went to a few stores they didn't have what we needed so we headed back to Provo. We went to Escape Motor Sports and got a spark plug. changed the spark plug when we got home the 4 wheeler still didn't start we were SO MAD!!! We took the dogs for a run and went to sonic after. (I think i'm hocked. I love sonic) (Thanks to Jess) We returned Dug and i told jess about my awful day. she asked if i wanted to sleepover.. So i decided that would be fun. So i did. Today we went shopping and to lunch. Rachel called and asked if she could use Jessica's car to go to the Nursery to get some trees. So we went to the Nursery with our truck and trailer. We sat at the Nursery for an hour! while the Whipples picked out some trees for their yard. (at least it was so nice out) We took the trees to the Whipples then we came home. Jessica went home and now i'm really really tired!!! I had a GREAT week!!! I Love my sister-in-law she is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE YOU JESS!!

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