Monday, August 12, 2013

In loving memory...

My grandpa passed away yesterday evening. He was the best grandpa anyone could ever ask for. So amazingly kind to EVERYONE and would talk to anyone. It didn't  matter where he was, the store, the doctors, he knew everyone and they all knew him. He is the kindest person I've ever known I'm so glad he's my grandpa. I will miss him so much. 
I absolutely loved going to St. George to visit my grandma and grandpa. We always got there late but it didn't matter how late it was my grandpa always stayed up and waited for us. Not only did he stay up waiting but he would stay up and talk to us for an hour or so  after we got there. Such a simple thing but I loved it. Every time we went to St. George I felt the most amazing feeling of peace. It didn't matter how stressed I was or how sad I was if we were in St. George all those feelings just disappeared for awhile.  Every time we were there he would say: well i'll get up and make breakfast in the morning. Sure enough he was up making us breakfast. Hot cakes or egg Mcmuffins (I'm not sure if that has anything to do with McDonalds or if he just liked the name, or both.) one time I remember, my grandpa had gotten up early and gone to the temple, everyone had eaten, but I waited for my grandpa to make me an egg Mcmuffin. I waited till about noon but that was the best breakfast sandwich I'd ever had. It's nothing amazing but it was special because he always made them for us.

 I will never forget the way he took your hand and looked at you and usually he'd say something like, it's so good to see you. Or come visit us again soon. It made me cry every time. So sweet. 
These last couple of weeks have been really rough, but so sweet, being able to spend time with him. About a week ago we went to visit him and I knelt down by his bed and he took my hand we had a short conversation, then he fell asleep. His grip was so firm as it always was every time he took your hand. I never wanted to let go. 

He always made sure his grand kids knew he loved them and he made it  so clear in the sweetest ways. I can't even imagine what my life would be without him. I love him so much. I will miss him. It's so hard accepting he's no longer physically here, it breaks my heart but he will always be with me in my heart and I know he's happy now. 

I love you grandpa 

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  1. This was so sweet to read. Thanks for sharing Alexi!