Sunday, June 27, 2010

Norah Genevieve Stewart

Norah Genevieve was born today!
8lbs 10oz 20 inches
She is gorgeous! 
Grandma and Norah


Uncle Colman and Norah

Grandpa and Norah

Me and Norah

Dad and Norah

Mom and Norah

Mom, Dad, and Norah

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday i BEAT JACOB IN SORRY!!!! We played best of 5 i won!!!!!!! I'm not kidding we have played probably 80 games! before yesterday i had only beat him once.... Yesterday was intense (ask Rachel if you don't believe me)

This is how Jacob feels every time we play.... Yesterday that's how i felt...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dug and Jj



Dug enjoy the sunshine

I got up to go  the bathroom this is how i found jj when i came back... he took my spot... who does he think he is?
I decided to take some pictures of Dug and Jj so Josh and Jess could see how their puppy is doing. It wasn't easy but i got a few good pictures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 Mile Pass Riding with Justin

Dave geared up! 6yrs old (rides pw80)

Me geared up! (rides Kawasaki 700)
Thursday we went riding with Justin. Riding with Justin is probably my favorite thing in the world. He took his kids riding and we came along. We just rode around for awhile. I rode up and down a few hills did a wheelie and jumped. I made a helmet-cam videos. Then we all decided to go on a trail ride. I got stuck behind the slow kids. I still had fun but i had to go really slow. On the way back it was better i got ahead of the kids so i could ride fast with Justin. We had had a peel out/race type thing going on it was awesome. I'd give anything to ride as well as Justin can.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost Snake

Friday night i babysat the Whipples. Rachel came to pick me up and told me that Claire had caught a snake that day. They let the snake go because their cousin had a snake they had to get rid of for some reason... so they got to have that snake. As soon as i got there Jacob showed me the snake... i cringed... i hate snakes! Rachel told them to keep the snake in the cage while she was gone. 15 minutes after Rachel leaves Claire comes in with the snake... "Claire please go put the snake back in it's cage" "Why it won't hurt you" "Claire what did your mom say" "Fine!" She put the snake in the cage but didn't close the lid.... We were playing around for awhile then Claire decides to go check on the snake it was gone..... Who knows how long after she put the snake back in the cage it got out... probably right after.... Claire frantically looks for the snake.... 10 minutes into looking i hear her in the other room crying....  Great! "Jacob go help Claire find the snake" Before it starts to get crazy Jacob notices Isaac went in and turned on a movie. We go help Claire look for the snake. We can't find the snake things are getting worse Claire is crying her eyes out and Jacob is getting mad... Jacob is calling Claire a dumb idiot for leaving the cage open... I put them in separate rooms many times. Crying, yelling and slamming doors. Thank goodness Isaac was occupied! I could not have handled a 2yr old and two angry kids... I am going from room to room telling them to calm down. After a half hour of this, stressed myself i have no clue what to do with these furious kids... I started telling them "if you don't calm down i'm going to call your mom and have her come home now" They didn't want that they knew what would happen if their mom came home.... I followed Jacob around the house telling him to calm down and not to say anything mean to Claire. Meanwhile Claire is in the closet crying... I probably told them to calm down a billion times. I was getting upset and they wouldn't calm down so again i said "if u don't calm down i'm going to call your mom... Jacob tells me "i'm afraid calling my mom is impossible" "Why" "Because i hid the phones..." What! you hid the phones?! I'm stranded!!!!!!! After an hour and a half i finally got them to calm down. Phew! At least sitting in the same room being nice. I strictly told them if you are going to be in the same room there will be no mean words. After i made sure they were being nice i went and checked on Isaac he was watching a movie happy as can be. I told him we were going to watch a movie in the other room he paused his movie and came in the other room with us. It's 9:30 i'm exhausted! Hoping their parent would be home any minute.... half an hour later.... They got home. We told them what happened and Claire started crying again.... saying she didn't mean to lose the snake. Wow Rachel was mad! I have never seen her so mad! After yelling at the kids for a few minutes she said well, Alexi shall we take you home? YES yes please! let's go! So we hopped in the car and went home. Rachel asked me how it went.... it was INSANE! that's all i can say... 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maren Hauglid

Today is Maren's birthday!!!
Maren you are AWESOME I hope you know that!
We just met not to long ago...
Anyone who doesn't know Maren that's to bad she's one of the best friends i EVER had!
Some things i like about Maren are:
1. She's kind
2. she's loving
3. she's fun to be around
4. she is funny
5. She has a very pretty smile
6. she's very pretty
7. she makes me laugh
8. she's honest
9. she's comforting
10. SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maren is very easy to be friends with!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAREN!!!!! I love you! <3

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Helmet-cam footage

Today i went riding with Justin and his kids. We had a great time! this is just a little footage.!/video/video.php?v=1487952122767&subj=1352869225

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What can i say... i'm awesome!

Made by: Jessica Wilcox
We made plates and bowls for baby Norah. We made our own as well this is the one Jessica made, what can i say she thinks i'm pretty awesome! I have the best sister-in-law ever! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dug is back!!!

Doesn't he look happy!

Jj (sephia)


Dug just chillin'

he found a sun spot his favorite!



He loves to sit by that couch and look out the window or just watch what's going on

Look at that sweet face!


Looking out the window...

Layin' around

DUG: 801-375-2469 He bolongs to the Wilcox's
Dug is back at home!!!!! Jess left for Afganastan again... last 4 weeks ever!  and honestly... does Dug care? no i don't think so he is right at home with us dug is ours! Don't get me wrong he loves Josh and Jess but... he is right at home here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This blog post is for jessica because i love her and she is amazing! So today jessica asked me about my most recent blog post and she said why is it called "SUMMER SCHOOL SUCKS" "why not something like jessica is awesome or something about me" so here you go jess i love you!
So pretty much i have the best sister-in-law ever!!!!!!!! We have had such a great time together the past week especially. I don't know how to describe our week but if i had to choose one word to describe it that one word would be AWESOME!!!!!
Jessica is so kind to me i just want to be with her all the time! yes we do get in fights every once in awhile but seriously we are best friends like 30 seconds after.
This week has been great! I don't want jess to leave.... jess for some reason hates when i tell stories about how awesome our day was... which i don't understand, Jessica is such a funny person i just love to tell stories about our day but she hates it!
Anyways after saying that... Here are some of my favorite things that have happened this week.
So we have basically joking around about the same few things all week.
10 Kids:
I have no clue how this started but we have been joking around all week about her "10 kids" we have gone a lot of places together this week so i told her people probably think i'm her child.. i think that is how the 10 kids thing started.. So after i told her that people probably think i'm her child she she said well you know i have 9 more at home... i laughed so hard! (she has no kids) she kept adding things and kept the story going so a few minutes later i added more. it's gone on all week, it is hilarious how silly we can get!
100 trees:
so this week we went to Ikea and we saw a huge table and we thought of jessica "10 kids" and we walked around Ikea laughing and thinking what if she really did have 10 kids.... a nightmare
well checking out at Ikea was so funny!
so Jess scanned all her things and said "pay" the thing asked if she wanted to plant a tree for a dollar she clicked "yes". Somehow the system put it in as she wanted to plant 100 trees... oh.... no.... help we do not want to plant 100 trees... so some guy came over and helped us get it worked out but it took a lot longer then we thought. It got messed up so we had to re scan everything and completely start over so we did.. it came to the end where it said "pay" and it asked would you like to plant a tree for a dollar we automatically clicked "no" and we payed and left.
Yes now that iv'e told some "embarrassing" stories i can be done
I love my sister-in-law! we really don't have much i common we both like completely different things. Ok so yes we have things in common but whenever jess gets excited about a bag or a dress or or anything pink i'm just like meh.... "isn't it so cute!?" Meh... "uh alexi we don't have anything in common"...  "yes we do" "ok yeah i guess"
Jessica is awesome!!!!!
we get along great (most of the time)
we tease each other laugh at each other... and hug when we are mad at each other..
today we spent the day with Jess and when jess went home it was really sad i didn't want her to leave... oh well i'll see her tomorrow!
Jessica is my favorite sister in law ever!!!!!!!

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Here's a few pictures i've taken lately.

My Backyard


Trees and sunset

My Backyard after it rained