Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is us after we finished algebra yesterday... Phew...
This week was my first week of summer school... it's only four days a week for an hour and a half a day.... It still pretty much SUCKS!!!!! over-all iv'e had a good week.... other then doing algebra and waking up at eight. Jessica has helped me this week with algebra homework... we've gotten in a few little fights but nothing to bad... Other then stupid algebra iv'e had a great week with Jessica! Everyday this week she has picked me up and taken me to lunch and shopping and on scooter rides (after we do homework... of course..) It's been a really fun week! i don't want jess to leave me ever (stay in Provo) I have to say my sister in-law is the BEST!!!!!! We are BEST FRIENDS!!!! we always find things to laugh about. One of my favorite things is to make fun of jessica when she is so proud of something/gets really excited over something... I know it doesn't sound nice but i don't mean it in a mean way and we just laugh When jess gets really excited over something she says.. "yessss" iv'e picked that up and whenever she gets way excited i say it really fast before she can. i know she thinks i'm a punk! We are good friends so she can't hate me. I don't really remember how this started but we have been joking around about "her 10 kids" (she has no kids) it's really funny where it gets to it just gets funnier and funnier! I have THE BEST SISTER-IN-LAW IN THE WORLD!!!!! We crack each other up!! It's great!!!


  1. Thanks aren't so bad yourself (except during Algebra) :)

  2. You ARE so lucky to have such a superstar sister-in-law! I wish she would have helped me with Algebra when I was your age. Hooray for Jess!

  3. Jess that was mean... i love you too! :P