Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!!!! .....and happy Thanksgiving

Stephanie is one of the  best friends i've EVER had! she's always there for me and willing to help or have fun. I haven't known her very long but we are already best friends! I think one of the best memories i have with Stephanie was my birthday party this year, we had soooo much fun and went crazyy and had so much candy!We were talking about how much fun it was the other day, all i could do was laugh at how weird we are. The ride home was the best! I wouldn't shut up... I just kept talking.... and talking and talking.... "Look at the clouds!!" OH MY GOSH!!! So on so forth..... "i'll shut up now..... blah blah blahhhhhh! look STEPHANIE! Should i shut up now?....or keep talking? yeahhh anyways you get the point...Stephanie thought it was cute....CUTE?

We both love being out doors and taking pictures. RAIN is our FAVORITE!!!! we are pros at making each other laugh! (at least shes a pro at making me laugh....but it isn't hard to make me laugh, but ohhhh well!)
wii bowling is always fun to! Air hockey yeahh i beat her in air hockey and wii bowling! she is still PRO though! anyways that's a few good memories i have with Stephanie. she is a great friend!
Some things i love about her are:
1. She is sooooo pretty!
2. She is funny!
3. she is fun to be around
4. she is very caring and cares about all of her friends very much!
5. she is loving
6. She is crazzzzyyy yet really really sweet
7. She loves everything to do with nature
8. she is very easy to become friends with
9. She makes friends fast
10. She is VERY GOOD at having the most weird conversations
STEPHANIE IS A VERY AMAZING PERSON! I am soooo glad we are friends!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! <3 <3 :) :)
This is my favorite picture of Stephanie...Even though she edited it she really is that pretty without her editing skills

:P she's crazyyyy!


PRETTY!!! <3
She is sooooo pretty! <3

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