Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apple Days (day 1)

Today was the first day of our 2 day annual apple juice making party. It was kinda boring today not many people came...(which is unusual) towards the end of the day there were more people here but it wasn't crazy like most years. Tomorrow most of our family is coming. My sister and brother in - law and niece came today that was lots of fun! My friend Dave and i kinda goofed off since there wasn't much to do. throwing rotten apples at people...and other things was fun we discovered, Just showing my sister a rotten apple was fun cause she freaked out and i thought it was soooo funny...i even got pushed and shoved around for it but i just thought it was hilarious and kept doing it.... Later my friends Adam and David came that was fun! Then, it got crazy my friends Ethan and Hannah came. We kinda all went crazy.  So yes it was a fun day but i was kinda shocked that not very many people came today. After we finished up for the night, Adam and David stayed for a while and we played Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was a good day overall! i will post more about tomorrow cause i'm sure it'll be AWESOME!!!!!!!! 
Here are a few pictures and videos from day 1 of apple days!! 
The videos will be added later because my video uploader is being stupid! but here are some pictures!
Erin, Nic, and Norah 

Grandma and Norah

Norah in her jumper 



  1. sorry this was supposed to be posted yesterday but i didn't get it finished...more to come today!!!

  2. Cutest baby girl in the world! Glad you had fun. It's a good thing you decided to change your attitude :)

  3. yeah... sorry i was just kinda in shock that not very many people were there and yess cutest baby EVEE! :)