Sunday, July 22, 2012

Haven't blogged for awhile

I really haven't blogged in awhile. I just forgot about it. Anyways this summer has had it's ups and downs. i went to Virginia in June, and we are going again in a few weeks. it'll be good to see Ellie again.  i haven't really done anything else, we've been boating a few times and we're going again for my birthday it should be fun. This weekend has been rough, i found out one of my best friends is on 24hr suicide watch. Today i was told she'll be there for 10 months to a year. i'm really sad she is really the only friend i hang out with and i never realized she was in so much pain. i will really miss her but i'm glad shes getting the help she needs, it'll be a rough time for me. i already really miss her and it's hard to grasp the thought that someone just down the street from me is now so far away.
i will miss you Allison. 

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