Monday, January 2, 2012

Apples and Thanksgiving

I haven't blogged in a long long time, so here is an update. We had our annual apple party two weeks before thanksgiving. Then we spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina. Two weeks in North Carolina, It was great! It was a lot warmer then we expected it to be this time of year. We flew into Norfolk Virginia and spent a day in Virginia before we picked up Erin and Nic. We went to Chincoteague island, to see the ponies of Chincoteague. That night we picked up Erin, Nic and  and spent another night in Virginia. We woke up early the next morning, well.... it seemed early to me because i was up all night. Then we got in the car for a long day, drove to Buxton where we met Josh and Jess.  We had a really good dinner that night. When we got back to the hotel we just talked and caught up, it's been awhile since we've all been together. Well, the next day we woke up even earlier...squished in the car and drove to North Carolina. Erin and Nic had it pretty good, But Colman and I had to sit in the back seat with Norah. It wasn't the most comfortable ride, two teenagers and a car seat....if you can imagine. We only stopped a few times that day, so when we finally got to the ferry all three of us in the back seat were dying to get out. It's about a 30 minute ferry ride from Hatteras to The Outer Banks. Then another 30 minutes from the ferry to the house we were staying at. FINALLY we were there! If you've ever rented a house on vacation you know how exciting it is to go inside and look around for an hour getting used to the place. If you haven't ever rented a house, a hotel is just about the same, the only difference is the time you spend exploring the place, because it's only one room. 

Josh's best friend Danny and his family also came and spend the week with us. We got there on Sunday, and that night we had Thai food and spent the rest of the night relaxing. On Monday we went to the beach, The water was kind of cold, but every time i go to the beach i HAVE to walk in the water. Collecting shells and walking in the water, possibly the best thing ever. It was also Ellie's first time to the beach so Josh was really excited. Norah was being stubborn and didn't decide to have fun until we were about to leave. We got home and everyone said "Alexi you can't shower until everyone else has showered" because they all know better then to let me shower first. 

On Tuesday we went fishing, Josh and Nic were really excited, Colman didn't get up until Nic had to yell at him.   I took some Dramamine and slept all day long. I woke up a few times then went right back to sleep. I wasn't sure why I was sleeping so much then I realized i had taken the drowsy formula. "Mild drowsiness may occur" then Nic gave me some Monster i felt good after that and stayed awake for the rest of the trip. When we got back I felt tired again, so i laid down on the couch Jess took one look at me and laughed "are you ok Alexi?" I expected that... I said I was fine then went upstairs to go back to sleep.

On Wednesday we got a Turduken It was pretty dang delicious. Later in the week we found a place where we got fresh shrimp and clams. I think that is when me and jess got along the most, when we were eating shrimp. We are definitely best of friends when there's a plate of shrimp and a bowl of melted butter in front of us. well, Thursday was thanksgiving. Turduken one day, turkey the next pretty great right? Pumpkin pie with ice cream, best thing ever! We bought our pies so we didn't have to make them that was kind of sad. oh well.
  Well the next night we had more shrimp and clams. It was delicious, once again Jess and i were the best of friends.....that is until she slapped me, that's right she slapped me. She saw a mosquito on my face and slapped it. I guess she can't be fast and gentle because she slapped me  SO HARD! My ear was bright red. She felt really bad, although it was funny. To this day I bet she still feels bad.
After that the rest of the trip went by so fast. We went to the beach one more time, the next day we piled in the car and started driving back to Virginia. We stayed in a really nice hotel right on the beach for two more nights. Even though Josh and Jess only got to stay one night. Well, saying goodbye wasn’t easy and it never will be. We said goodbye and Josh and Jess were on their way home. That night seemed long. It ended and we all went to bed and woke up the next morning and packed up into the car and drove to the airport 

Dug enjoying the beach

Ellie's first time to the beach

Sandy hands


Ellie's first dip in the ocean


Josh and the jellyfish


Huge fish



Nic and Norah

Nic and Colman



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