Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loooong road trip to Virginia

The day after Christmas we left for a very long road trip i don't know what we were thinking.... well Colman wanted to go to Chicago and Detroit. Then we decided to go to Virginia  since we weren't too far.   Well i got sick of it quicker then everyone else, but after a few days we were all sick of driving. Our destination of Virginia was worth it. i didn't really care for the other stops along the way. We got there Sunday night, earlier then we thought.  I laid on the couch that night, i couldn't believe we were actually there. Waking up that morning hearing Ellie was just about the best thing ever.We weren't there for very long, for how much driving we did we should have stayed for 2 weeks. We played games and played with the babies. it was good but not even close to long enough.