Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On Monday after school we went to look at segways. My dad has been saying we would for 2 weeks now and i didn't really believe him. Well we did, and i guess they were some people my dad knew. When they first started talking i was scared to ride one but it wasn't too bad i really liked it and almost ran over my dad and the guy that was helping me. It wasn't that big of an area so i couldn't really help it. Or could i? Anyways it was fun and i think we are getting a segway. They are going to let us bring one home for a weekend and i can ride it a little more. I'm excited for that.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Sahara

Last week on Wednesday we went to the Little Sahara sand dunes. It was so fun! The middle of the week is the perfect time to go I've been wanting to go back. We finally got to use the sand paddles. Although it took forever to get there it was worth the long drive.  I'm looking forward to going back. As sore as it makes me i love it! Now all we need is another 4 wheeler so i don't wonder off and get lost. Once again we forgot the helmet cam...... We made a few videos on the iphone. i'll post them to YouTube if you don't know my YouTube channel is bwac4 go check it out i'll post some newer videos.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lot's of stuff

Everyone knows i haven't blogged for a looong time. Well it's been busy and exhausting and it's finally spring break. I went to St George about a month ago, with Norah and Erin. Colman was Still in Europe and we decided to all cram in the car and go visit Grandma. st George is one of my favorite places ever. i'm sure after my grandparents are gone it won't be the same, but for now it is my favorite place to be. The weekend after that Colman was still gone, My dad had to work in bluff so we got in the car on thurday and drove down to bluff. That was exciting.....ok not really i spent the day in the hotel on the internet. Great day if you ask me  The next weekend i got to miss school again and go to the Saltflats, it was kinda cold but once i got riding i had so much fun. Iv'e been sick this weekend, but on Friday, Erin, Nic and Norah came for a little easter egg hunt and to paint eggs. Norah had sooo much fun she is adorable!

Hot Pickles we bought in Bluff

Riding in St George