Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Bestest Friend!

I have tons of Bestest friends but right now it's NICOLE If you don't know her that's kinda sad shes great! She is seriously my bestest friend! I saw her everyday this week! which was AMAZING!! I loved it! Every time we see each other we reach out for a hug! At Young Womens this week it was a stake activity I totally saw Nicole and I totally was right by her side the whole time i loved it! Well we don't usually see each other that much so this week was AWESOME!!! My best friend!! :)!
I love you Nicole!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 Weeks With Josh And Jess!

2 weeks has gone by already! Wow! The best two weeks of my life right there! well... besides having to go to school. we had a great time! I will never forget the day Josh and Jess walked in the door and saw Dug! Wow that moment was bitter sweet for us all! Dug was so happy to see Josh and Jess! he went crazy winning and whimpering of excitement for 10 minutes.
The Football game was a disappointment! BYU And TCU! Yes TCU won Blah... 50-7! Wow worst homecoming ever!! for BYU! We had a great homecoming day! We got hats, hoodies etc. Josh and Jess cooked a ton!!! Wow it was delicious!!! We had Jessica's family over for dinner one night and Josh and Jess made chili they both made their own chili! it was delicious. Jessica also made her famous cupcakes that night! Oh Oh yes that's not all! they also made sweet potato soup other night... and Kabobs another and and that's not even half of what they made! they clearly LOVE to cook! Josh even made a TURKEY! they made Empanadas and Enchiladas! Carmel popcorn twice, Banana Bread! Coconut Macroons dipped in chocolate! with the turkey we had 3 pies as well! burritos! Food Food and more food!! We carved pumpkins and roasted seeds! Hahahaha! we fought over the small seeds because the big ones were really hard and crunchy and not good. oh yes i was rolling on the floor wrestling for those seeds! we just had a great 2 weeks!! We went to Yozone (My Fav) loads and loads of fun packed into two weeks!