Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today i got to see Allison for the first time in five months. It was an awesome surprise, i knew she'd probably come home on weekends soon but i wasn't expecting it and when i saw her i instantly felt this happiness unlike anything iv'e felt in a very long time. Just hugging her was the best thing ever. i was so happy i was just about speachless. We got to visit awhile and it seems like she's doing well. I always wonder how she's doing, i have been thinking about her this weekend and it was amazing to go to church and see her. When this whole thing happened i didn't know what to think and i was worrying about her almost constantly, i'd think things like what if she changes dramatically? or, i wonder if she misses me, because i missed her so much. As time went on i was still thinking about her a lot and if i wasn't careful i'd think too much and end up crying. I just kept telling myself she's where she needs to be but that was so hard to accept. Months passed and a few weeks ago i talked to my friend and she said she went to visit Allison, which i had been meaning to do. She told me she was doing well,  that is when i found out she'd be able to come home on weekends soon. After i heard that i thought about her almost constantly again for weeks.  This weekend iv'e been thinking about her, and then it was amazing to see her. She is still crazy and just the Allison i know no more worrying. i know she's doing well and that's all i want. One of these weekends that she's home she's coming over, we've already decided that. This just gives me something to look forward to and be happy.