Friday, August 31, 2012

The first of MANY adventures with Aya

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My collage of the day

Aya's collage

Today we were going to go boating but it was cloudy so we went riding instead. I had planned to take Aya boating all week, when it was cloudy i was really sad. It turned out great anyways. It started by just showing Aya the trails after that she got off and i went by myself, as fast as i could of course. when i got back Aya took a turn then we switched off until i got on and crashed. I love the loose dirt. I always drift and slide through it. i did it once and it turned out awesome! HUGE dust cloud! When i got back up to the car Aya wanted to go together again, so i had to slow down but i still scared her a little. I found it funny when she screamed and she'd say "that's so fun!", well we got back to the car and she got off i took off as fast as i could and as i was coming back i hit my favorite patch of dirt and i lost control and flipped. It happened so fast i remember hitting the ground and thinking i have to get up. I got right back up, luckily the 4-wheeler didn't land on me and i started walking back to the car. I took off my helmet and looked down at myself i was completely covered in dust. When my dad and Aya got to me i said " i really didn't mean to.." and they got out of the car and we laughed about it for a few minutes i said "well now that iv'e done that i'll be able to be a little safer" then flipped it back over when Aya noticed some plastic was cracked she said, "i'm not sure if that was there before" then as we were looking we found more new cracks. I got in the car and Aya rode for a little bit longer then we left. It was a good day but i'm so sore i'd say it was worth it for the experience and the story but i hope it never happens again.   As Aya would say "only you Alexi, only you" Yes only i would take a friend riding and end up flipping. i'm just glad it wasn't her that got hurt, and i don't think she would've enjoyed it as much as i did.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 years later...reunited!

 4 years ago one of my best friends ever, moved to Mississippi and i was heart broken. We stayed in touch, but got in a few fights, went through some rough times. The move definitely hurt our friendship but through it all we are still great friends. Well now she's going to Byu. She came and visited me today. It was really good to see her and get to talk for awhile! We were laughing about some of the stuff we did 4 years ago, what were we thinking?? We admitted we'd probably still do some of that stuff....or at least i would and i'm sure Aya would too.  i'm looking forward to having her close again. We have already planned to go boating soon!

Went back to virginia!

Bubble Machine


Josh and Ellie, adorable!

Pictures after pipers blessing

After pipers blessing

Ellie loves to take my phone and go hide under the stairs on Dug's bed

Stole her sisters binkey

Me and Piper



Reading her favorite book with grandma


Me and Ellie

Just chillin'
We went back to Virginia last week. it was great! We got up early, early Saturday morning like, 3:45 and got in the car to catch a 6:00 flight. that was rough. When we got there, i was exhausted! Ellie was so happy to see us.We went to some museums the next couple of days. That was a busy few days for the little ones. Then a concert on Tuesday night, and another on Wednesday. Then Ellie came on our beach adventure with us. Josh convinced Jess to let her come and we had so much fun. It was a full week for Ellie, but i think she enjoyed it. We didn't make it too far before the car overheated. Luckily we got to a car shop. They were very nice there, we spent most the day there and they did everything they could to get us back on the road. But they couldn't get a part so they got us a rental car and we drove on. Got some lunch, Went to Chesapeake bay and then spent the night in a hotel waiting for the car to be fixed. We woke up the next morning and went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then headed back to the car shop, got the car and started the journey home. We stopped at a few little shops on the way, and finally made it home around 3:30 Even though we had car troubles i'd say it was a good two days. Ellie didn't get much of a nap on either day so she was exhausted, but still very pleasant for how tired she was. After i rested for an hour or so i convinced my dad we should go to the apple store. So we did, that's always fun. Then we picked up food from Cafe Sano. On Saturday Jess got sick so she was at the hospital for awhile so we didn't really do anything, it was a nice relaxing day after a long week. Sunday morning came too fast, and we were packing up to leave. Saying goodbye is never easy. But all in all it was a great week.