Monday, November 29, 2010


So me and my crazy cousin Jaicee always have sooo much fun together! We are sooo crazy and as silly as can be when we are together! A week ago i believe...we went out to lunch with my grandma for her birthday! (on thanksgiving) Jaicee and i always talk about the weirdest things! A few weeks before i was telling her how i was sick and sounded like a hissing, dying cat! (i seriously did!) anyways we were talking about it all day, so at the lunch i brought it up and she just laughed sooo hard! Then she decided i look like a i? hmm anyways we argued over that for awhile and then i finally gave in and said fine! i look like a cat! I don't even remember what we decided what animal she looks like..... a tiger? hmm yeah that probably was it... ANYWAYS we aren't even to the good part! After we ate my grandma had been wanting to go to a store she saw so we all went to this really cool store i don't even remember what it was called.... It was like a home decor store but it also had cool gadgets and cool stuff like that! GUESS WHAT WE FOUND!!!!  A GIANT 2 POUND CANDY CANE!!!!!! We just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED! I kept saying "oh my gosh!!!! i'm going to get it!!!!!!" so after begging my mom and convincing her that i would pay for it...i got it!! it was $10 but i just had to have it! it was just so funny and ridiculous! you know when you se something so ridiculous at the store you just have to get it? well yeah that's how i felt with this giant candy cane! Jaicee and i just kept making jokes about it and how "it would take me 7 years to eat it" it just cracked me up so i had to get it! So i bought it and left....when i got in the car i was all excited to tell Jaicee so i texted her right away and said "jaicee !!!!!!!! i got that HUGE candy cane!" I got a text back "who is this?" i responded "Alexi" got a text back "i think you have the wrong number" i was like......ahhh "who is this?" and this mystery guy responded......"Jose"  i got all nervous and checked the number and at first i thought it was just Jaicee playing a trick on me then i took a closer look at the number and it was WRONG! So i changed it and texted Jaicee and i said "jaicee! i got that HUGE candy cane!!!" i got a response back.."oh my gosh!!!!!! that's so funny!" there we go it was my cousin!! So i told her how i had her number wrong in my moms phone and i texted some guy named Jose......oh and did she think that was SO FUNNY!!! I was texting her and she didn't respond for awhile then i got a response "sorry i'm still laughing! That is so funny!" I'm sure when i see her in a few weeks she will bring that up and we will laugh our heads off!!!!! Anyways that's my experience with texting mystery people.......kinda creepy..... Jaicee is the best cousin anyone could ever ask for! she is the BEST!!(these are from when i got home that night so Jaicee isn't in any, I'm planning on bringing it to our family Christmas party so we'll get some pictures of both of us then!)
I had a HUGE smile on my face i thought it was so hilarious!



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apple Days (day 2)

Today was day 2 of apple days! It was great!!!! I did a lot more work today then yesterday....well hey there wasn't much to do yesterday so i goofed off. Pressing apples, grinding apples, and washing apples i was busy today.......My favorite job today was pressing the apples i did that more then any other job.  oh and did i mention drinking the apple juice? YES!!! i did lots of that too! It was YUMMY!! And....yes i did goof off a little but....Adam and David were here again. My aunt and uncle came today so i attacked my uncle that was really fun! My aunt Connie makes a really good bean salad and her family doesn't enjoy it as much as she does so she brings me some because she knows i love it!!! So i got bean salad from my favorite aunt! I also ate a lot of donuts!!!! I had another goood day!!!!!!!
Here's some pictures from today

Adam pressing apples

I didn't really eat all of the donuts.......just thought it'd be a good picture

Just chillin'



Me and David


look out

Apple Days (day 1 part 2)

Apple Days (day 1)

Today was the first day of our 2 day annual apple juice making party. It was kinda boring today not many people came...(which is unusual) towards the end of the day there were more people here but it wasn't crazy like most years. Tomorrow most of our family is coming. My sister and brother in - law and niece came today that was lots of fun! My friend Dave and i kinda goofed off since there wasn't much to do. throwing rotten apples at people...and other things was fun we discovered, Just showing my sister a rotten apple was fun cause she freaked out and i thought it was soooo funny...i even got pushed and shoved around for it but i just thought it was hilarious and kept doing it.... Later my friends Adam and David came that was fun! Then, it got crazy my friends Ethan and Hannah came. We kinda all went crazy.  So yes it was a fun day but i was kinda shocked that not very many people came today. After we finished up for the night, Adam and David stayed for a while and we played Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was a good day overall! i will post more about tomorrow cause i'm sure it'll be AWESOME!!!!!!!! 
Here are a few pictures and videos from day 1 of apple days!! 
The videos will be added later because my video uploader is being stupid! but here are some pictures!
Erin, Nic, and Norah 

Grandma and Norah

Norah in her jumper 


Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!!!! .....and happy Thanksgiving

Stephanie is one of the  best friends i've EVER had! she's always there for me and willing to help or have fun. I haven't known her very long but we are already best friends! I think one of the best memories i have with Stephanie was my birthday party this year, we had soooo much fun and went crazyy and had so much candy!We were talking about how much fun it was the other day, all i could do was laugh at how weird we are. The ride home was the best! I wouldn't shut up... I just kept talking.... and talking and talking.... "Look at the clouds!!" OH MY GOSH!!! So on so forth..... "i'll shut up now..... blah blah blahhhhhh! look STEPHANIE! Should i shut up now?....or keep talking? yeahhh anyways you get the point...Stephanie thought it was cute....CUTE?

We both love being out doors and taking pictures. RAIN is our FAVORITE!!!! we are pros at making each other laugh! (at least shes a pro at making me laugh....but it isn't hard to make me laugh, but ohhhh well!)
wii bowling is always fun to! Air hockey yeahh i beat her in air hockey and wii bowling! she is still PRO though! anyways that's a few good memories i have with Stephanie. she is a great friend!
Some things i love about her are:
1. She is sooooo pretty!
2. She is funny!
3. she is fun to be around
4. she is very caring and cares about all of her friends very much!
5. she is loving
6. She is crazzzzyyy yet really really sweet
7. She loves everything to do with nature
8. she is very easy to become friends with
9. She makes friends fast
10. She is VERY GOOD at having the most weird conversations
STEPHANIE IS A VERY AMAZING PERSON! I am soooo glad we are friends!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! <3 <3 :) :)
This is my favorite picture of Stephanie...Even though she edited it she really is that pretty without her editing skills

:P she's crazyyyy!


PRETTY!!! <3
She is sooooo pretty! <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snowmobile YouTube awesomeness!

It's almost winter i've been thinking about going snowmobiling...a few years ago we went snowmobiling for a family reunion, it was one of the best days i have ever had. I wish, and dream about snowmobiling and hope someday to get a snowmobile....judging by the videos i show my parent's i don't think they want to get me a snowmobile.........i like the crash competition videos, they are so intense after every crash i say "whoa!" and watch in aw it all looks so fun. Winter comes and i ask my mom if we can tell my grandma to rent a snowmobile again for another awesome family reunion! I can just imagine how much fun i would have if we did it again!

A few of the videos i've been watching...

Just some epic videos!