Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In loving memory......

My grandpa passed away on Sunday... A year and half ago he broke his hip and was almost better and then fell again... and broke it again..... 2 surgeries and a year and a half later.... He is in a better place i know that FOR SURE! He isn't suffering anymore. Iv'e taken it pretty hard... but i know he will always be with me and will always watch over me. Someday i will see him again.

My grandpa was my favorite he always took me and my cousins to get ice cream whenever my grandma would say no we'd both say "ask grandpa!" so we'd run and ask him! His answer was always "Yeah that sounds like a good idea" and he'd tell my grandma and we'd get in the car and go get ice cream. There are two younger cousins below me on my moms side we always got what we want just needed to ask grandpa.

Every time he would come to our house he would give me and Colman a dollar.
He always took us to the creamery to get treats after school.
He had things he'd say.. i'm sure everyone's family has things they say.
I never really got why he said this... but he'd always say "when i was a little girl" or... "when i was the little girl and you were the grandpa do you remember that?" I'd just kinda hesitate and he'd ask again and i respond.... oh! yeah! then it started getting old as i got older then i just say uhuh ya i do..
and a lot of other crazy things that i don't remember he'd just say things to make  us laugh. Like... this one didn't ever make us laugh but he said it a lot/ "when you're bones all rattle and you can't hurt the cattle... what do you do? marry me an Indian skaw and live off her ma and pa"

People keep asking me how old i was in this.... i think i was 6.... or 7...

I love my grandpa!
I love my grandpa!!!! i'll miss him! He always loved all of his grand kids.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I miss Trent

on trek

We were tubing buddies

He is so nice
Trent is my buddy! We met on trek and sense then became really good friends. He is so kind! Fun to be around and really funny! Sense we've met this summer we have had some good times together. I really miss him! He needs to come visit! we need to hang out! He came to my birthday party and we went boating! he is so fun to go boating with! He came to a BQQ and we went on trek. He is a great friend!  He is one crazy crazy kid! I don't have much to say other then i miss hm!  Trent and friends Alpine bike jump (end is kinda weird....)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boating... and more boating!

Goin' outta the wake! we freaked out every time!



outta the wake!

goin' outta the wake

i like the sun on the water in this one

We screamed and laughed the whole time!


I love tubing!




We went boating last weekend. My friend David came along. He had never been tubing so he was so excited to go and kept asking me about it. I think he had a good time! David is a really funny kid! younger then me but one of my best friends!

We also went boating this weekend! I love boating! No friends came this time it was just my dad and i. My mom was home babysitting Norah.
I had so much fun! my dad goes FAST! It kinda scared me at first then when he said we were heading back i was sad. i rode all the way back on the tube. when i got in the boat the sun had gone down and the sky was so pretty. I wish i took a picture! But sunset also means mosquitoes...... and LOTS OF THEM! i got HUGE BITES...on my arms, legs and face! Then to finish off the night we went to Del Taco!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I started school 2 weeks ago... i don't really like it.... but it's ok better then Timpview. Amy left a week ago.... (a friend from girls camp) aka (Trent's sister) aka (a leader at girls camp) anyways she left a week ago. It's been a sad week i miss her! We didn't really talk very much at girls camp... in fact we said a total of 7 words to each other. We've become great friends though! We call it the: 20,16,AA,(Amy Andrus),AW (Alexi Wilcox...) That's like our moto.  We are gonna have t-shirts made that say something like that. We talk like gangsters...... if you'd call it that... when we are texting...... like...... yo wazzup! dats legit. u better watch out. Oh what!? yeahhhhh. oh what? yah dats right! anyways that's us we are awesome! Amy is in Idaho going to school at BYU Idaho. I keep telling her to transfer and she wants to but she hasn't yet... hopefully soon!

We went boating last weekend that was fun! it was really choppy and i wanted to go on the tube so bad! I did..... going really slow but i hated it and freaked out the waves were really big. We are going boating today. It should be fun! I invited Stephanie... Hopefully she can come!
That's what has been going on lately. i'm so tired of school i want summer back.... no summer school this time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't know Aya.... i feel bad for you! she is the best! We met in 7th grade thanks to Kelly! We ate lunch together. We spent everyday before school started together laughing and talking. Lunch was always my favorite. I would always run to aya's locker and bang on it and knock her locker magnets down. I'd see her coming to her locker i'd freak out and run to her locker and BANG!  Then at the end of my 7th grade year she moved it was the saddest day of my life. We still text. We have the best conversations. Aya is my best friend and i miss her soooo much!!!!!!