Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok.. ok.. so my dad wanted me to post a story about me getting BUSTED!! Yes it's true i got busted. How?? well if you really know me you would know what i did to get busted. Yes i was riding my 4 wheeler on the road and i got caught! yes i know i know you are thinking how stupid! you may also think stupid parents for letting their child go and break the law! well ya know what! My parents are awesome!! for letting me go ride on the roads and take the risk of them getting in trouble! And yes they did and i did. Well i usually just ride in the streets in the winter. (for fun) cause it is slippery and not many cars are out. This summer i decided to take the risk to do something i love! and yes i will still ride on the streets in the winter! I'm a little law breaker.